Typemate® is a complete(ly) menu-orientated typing course. Within the structure of the menu one can chose the following:

  • Instructions for touch typing. A description of how the keyboard should be used, how the fingers are used in relation to one another and other practical information.
  • Finger positions. This menu option indicates with the help of ASCII-graphics, which fingers should use which keys.
  • Start your lesson. This menu option is especially suitable for beginners. The user can choose from 6 lessons, in which the number of keys for touch typing is gradually increased in a didactically responsible sequence. The criteria for the continuation to the next lesson are built in according to the rules of an officially recognized typewriting course.
  • Measure typing speed. Here the user can introduce any text of whatever length. After completion, he presses and then his typing speed will be calculated.
  • Exercise with separate characters. The user can exercise by using characters, which he can enter himself.
  • These characters will appear to him on the screen in ever changing sequence which he will have to copy by touch typing. In this way speed and accuracy will be calculated every time.
  • Exercise with words and sentences. There is a possibility to exercise with separate words and complete sentences, which are brought forward from any chosen external ASCII-file and which should be copied by the user by touch typing. Speed and accuracy will be calculated every time. By using external files the amount of exercise material is in principle never ending and also extremely suitable for advanced typists who want to increase their typing speed.
  • When the user touches the keys, other than within the menu or as a reaction to an interactive question, a speed indicator will, if required and with the help of ASCII-graphics, be shown on the screen, which will give real-time the average speed at that particular moment.

Typemate® is suitable for the Dutch/American QWERTY-keyboard as well as for the Belgium/French AZERTY-keyboard and all QWERTZ-keyboards (Germany, Switzerland, etc.). In every typed exercise the time taken, the amount of keystrokes, the number of mistakes, the speed and accuracy are calculated. Typemate® is available in the following languages: Dutch, English, French and German.

System requirements: MS DOS or MS Windows (all versions up to and including Windows 10), 32 bit only. For 64 bit Windows, please use an emulator, like this free one: DOSBox.

Download Typemate®:
– Dutch
– English
– French
– German


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